What Does An Assessment Entail?

When to Get an Assessment?

An Occupational Therapy assessment is recommended when children are having difficulty with specific learning tasks such as reading, remembering verbal / written information, poor focus / behavioral issues, fine / gross motor delays, poor handwriting, having trouble putting their ideas onto paper, gross / fine motor delays, difficulties with initiating and finishing tasks and having difficulty with organization.


The duration for our Occupational Therapy assessment is approximately 60-90 minutes. This includes using valid and reliable standardised testing to test for various areas listed below:

  • Visual processing i.e perception, tracking & visual memory
  • Handwriting and letter formation
  • Dyspraxia
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Gross Motor / Fine Motor skills
  • Auditory processing / listening skills
  • Working memory
  • Processing speed
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Identification for diagnosis i.e. ASD / ADHD / ADD and anxieties.

Apart from using standardised testing to address the above areas, we also perform clinical observations to address how your child responds to different tasks / activities. Identification will be on behavioral and emotional challenges such as anxieties, low self esteem, social skills, focus/concentration as well as motivation.


We understand that parents can have a very busy schedule. Therefore, to make it easier for transportation, we are a mobile service. We can come to your home / school to do the assessment.