All Your Quizzical Questions Answered


How do I know whether my child needs to be assessed?

We believe that parents know their child the best. Many parents come in often saying “I have a feeling that he/she have been struggling.” Well done for identifying and addressing your feelings! These are some tips to help you confirm your feelings or observations:

  • Difficulty with maintaining focus and attention. Often appear to be the “class clown” or labelled the “naughty one” in class.
  • Hyperactivity – can’t seem to sit still or sleep for long.
  • Finds external noises too loud. Can’t filter external noises.
  • Picky eater.
  • Difficulty regulating their emotions. Huge tantrums and outbursts over minor details, often impulsive, moody or frustrated.
  • Difficulty with recognising letters and writing them i.e. letter reversals, hard to read, different sizes or spacing.
  • Difficulty with reading. Often skipping words or lines or reading words in reverse. Having trouble with remembering words, no matter how many times you go through the same word with them.
  • Difficulty with spelling. Poor phonical awareness, spelling words backwards or missing letters out in a word.
  • Difficulty remembering and not understanding what has been said. Often talking off topic.
  • Difficulty with daily tasks such as buttoning, zipping, tying shoe laces or holding onto a pencil correctly.
  • Difficulty with planning and organising their own day. Not remembering what day it is.
  • Difficulty with playground equipment and sports i.e climbing, swinging, hanging from monkey bars, kicking a ball, swimming, etc.
  • Appear to be clumsy – often bumping into things. Have poor spatial awareness.
  • Fatigues easily.
  • Hard to make and maintain friendships.

These are only some tips to help you. There are many other areas that have not been mentioned. If this is the case, please still contact us to make sure that your child have no other issues.


Will OT4Kids travel to us?

Yes! Most certainly. We understand that juggling with family priorities can be difficult. We try our best to accommodate and integrate into your daily plans to avoid extra hassle. We are a mobile service, therefore, you can either choose to do OT sessions at home or at school.


Do I need a referral from other medical practitioners?

No you don’t. However, if your child had assessments completed by other health practitioners, it will be beneficial to send the relevant reports through to us to give us a better understanding of the underlying concerns.


What age range do you deal with?

We mainly deal with children from pre-school (starting at 2) all the way to high-school. However, we offer consultations, assessments and workshops for adults in university or working life as well.


Can I use government or school funding?

Yes, depending whether the government or school gives us permission to use the funding in this area. However, we are a private service. That means generally our service is paid for by the client.