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OT4Kids is a private paediatric Occupational Therapy practice based in Auckland.

We understand that this process can be daunting for many parents. Therefore, we aim to provide a family and children friendly service and pride ourselves on providing a holistic approach.

We also do sessions online, please contact Coco for further details.

Our Process

Initial Assessment

Standardised/non-standardised tests will be completed to assess various areas for learning. Test includes auditory and visual processing, fine and gross motor coordination, memory, processing speed, sensory processing, behaviour etc. For more information on our assessment, please visit our Assessments page. 


After the assessment, we provide one on one consultations or feedback from initial findings we gather from the assessment with parents/caregiver.


A full Occupational Therapy Assessment report will be completed for parents, schools or relevant organisations.

School Meeting

After the report, we will organise a school meeting if necessary with teachers/teacher aide/SENCO. This will give the school recommendations as to what they can offer in the classroom setting to cater for your child’s learning needs. Our recommendations are school-friendly as we know that teachers are busy with other children too.

Therapy Sessions

Based on the recommendations in the report, Occupational Therapy sessions are designed specifically for your child. They are designed to be interactive and fun. Weekly sessions can be completed at school or at home. Sessions are usually in the course of 20 weeks and each session is 45mins-60mins.


We recommend that a re-assessment takes place after 20 weeks. The re-assessment gives us an indication of how the sessions are going and for adjustments to take place with new findings.

"Coco is very supportive to our son’s learning needs. I would highly recommend Coco to any parents whose looking for someone who is professional, passionate and effective.""

Mum to a year 1 boy

"Coco has been instrumental in helping our son make progress not only with his academic studies but also with his confidence. We have seen our son grow to be a motivated independent learner and we attribute Coco to that success."

Mum to a year 8 boy.

"I highly recommend Coco. She is an experienced Occupational Therapist who develops individual and targeted intervention programs for children to meet their unique needs."

Children's Psychologist

"Our daughter has been working with Coco for over a year and during this time we have seen dramatic improvements in her gross motor skills, fine motor/hand-eye coordination, visual processing and sequential memory. I highly recommend Coco as a fantastic child occupational therapist."

Mum to a year 2 girl

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